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“A Day of Mindfulness, Compassion and Gratitude”

July 19, 2017 2 comments


We would like to invite you to join us as we celebrate “A Day of Mindfulness, Compassion and Gratitude” on August 26, 2017 from 8:00AM to 4:00 PM at the ESI Conference Room, Miriam College, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

Cognizant of your presence and active participation in our previous events, we would be delighted to once again share this day with you. I will be giving a plenary talk on mindfulness in the morning while the afternoon workshop sessions will provide ample opportunity for the participants to reflect and share their personal insights as we go along various activities such as meditation and gratitude practice and on mindful movement. Dr. Herrera will also be giving a talk on compassion.

However, although the small size of the venue allows us to have a more intimate gathering, it also means that we can only accommodate a limited number of participants. Hence, to accommodate walk-in participants, the online registration will only be open until August 21, 2017.

Should you want to register online, you may fill up this form: After which, we will be sending you an email to acknowledge your confirmation as well as to notify you on the payment details.  Fees are transferable but non-refundable.  For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at (02) 573 2975 or

Thank you very much and hope to see you there!

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MLAC Team at The 11th Hour: A National Conference on Climate Change Adaptation and Mental Health

The MLAC Institute served as a partner for The 11th Hour, a conference organized by Balik Kalipay Center last March 22 and 23 at De La Salle University. Dr. Honey and our team members, Ms. Bless de Asis and Dr. Joanna Herrera, were able to give presentations on the following topics:

  1. Psychosocial Impact of Disasters on Women and Children – Dr. Honey Carandang
  2. Mindfulness and the Clinical Practice – Bless de Asis and Joanna Herrera

The MLAC Booth Outside the Conference Hall


Dr. Honey giving her talk on the impact of disasters


Dr. Honey with the panelists


Dr. Joanna starting the session


Dr. Joanna giving her talk on Mindfulness



Tita Bless talking about the Gifts of Mindfulness


Dr. Joanna and Tita Bless during the panel

Congratulations to Dr. Honey, Dr. Joanna and Tita Bless!

MLAC team in the annual PAP convention in Pampanga and Book launch of PRESENCE

September 20, 2016 Leave a comment

Congratulations Dr. Honey Carandang and the MLAC team! 

The team presented 3 learning sessions and a symposium during the annual Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) in Clark, Pampanga last September 14-16, 2016.
Dr. Honey Carandang also launched the MLAC team’s newest book, PRESENCE: A Primer on Trauma and Recovery for the Use of Trauma Workers during the convention!
Here’s a rundown of the presentations:

1) Learning session on Mindfulness and the Clinical Practice by Tessibeth Cordova, Bless de Asis, and Joanna Herrera 

2) Learning session and book launch on Healing from Trauma through Mindfulness by Dr. Honey Carandang

3) Symposium on Group and Individual Therapy using PMBEAT by Chris Carandang, Richie Parr, and Tess Aguilar

4) Learning Session on Ethics in Psychological Practice by Dr.Honey Carandang with Dr. Dido Villasor

*Photos by Richie Parr and Chris Carandang


The MLAC team during the book launch


Dr. Honey Carandang during the book launch and learning session


Booksigning with Dr.Honey


Our dutiful booksellers, Elda, Joyce and Ron


Joanna and Bless do the mindfulness exercises during their learning session


Tessibeth gives her input on mindfulness


Tess shares a case of how play helped her sexually abused client


Richie shares how the approach PMBEAT helps survivors of disaster


Chris shares how the expressive arts can be used for youth in conflict with the law



The Pakikipagkapwa-Damdamin book launch is this Saturday already :)

Hello friends! The Pakikipagkapwa-Damdamin book launch is this Saturday already! We hope to see you there 🙂

The Use of Mindfulness in Expressive Therapies (PAPJA 2016 convention)

The Use of Mindfulness in Expressive Therapies 

By: Riza Go Tian Ng, RP CSCLP and Tess Aguilar, RP CSCLP

MLAC participated in the 29th Psychological Association of the Philippines –Junior Affiliates (PAPJA) Convention of 2016 with the theme: Asian Psychology and Asian Societies in the Midst of Change at FEU-Manila last January 23, 2016.

MLAC members, Tess Aguilar and Riza Ng shared one of the advocacies of the institute through their talk on Mindfulness and the Expressive Therapies.

The young college students proved that age is not an issue in practicing mindfulness as their participation in this 3 hour workshop helped them feel at peace, inspired, and refreshed. Being mindful also allowed them to have clarity of thought to cope with stresses from thesis and internship, and most importantly valuing themselves.

The mindful practice led to the discovery of deep personal insights which is the hallmark of Dr. Honey Carandang’s principle that the PERSONHOOD of the therapist is a vital tool in sound therapeutic intervention.



AMMA program update

December 12, 2015 Leave a comment


by: Tessibeth Cordova

The Ama na Magaling Mag-aruga sa Anak (AMMA) Program is a community-based psychosocial intervention set out to assist the fathers “left behind” by their Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) spouses. This program is an offshoot of the findings of Dr. Ma. Lourdes A. Carandang found in her book entitled “Nawala ang Ilaw ng Tahanan,” showing the impact on the identity and self-esteem of the fathers and the well-being of the children “left-behind” by the OFW mother. This is part of a greater series of interventions designed by her with her team of psychologists, the MLAC Institute of Psychosocial Services, Inc. and the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) as the host institution in the community under its Gender and Development Program to address the social costs of feminization of migration.

The program began by providing the fathers with counseling services to help process their experiences and make sense out of them, leading to an enhanced self-concept and identity. They were also equipped with enhanced parenting skills in order for them to better cope with their new responsibilities at home. The children were also provided with play and mindfulness-based expressive arts therapy to help them process their experiences as well.

The program is currently on its third phase (Organizational Development and Management) which concentrates on ensuring the sustainability of the intervention. Believing in Jean Monnet’s wisdom that “Nothing starts without people; Nothing lasts without institutions,” a comprehensive and systematic approach at the community level has been started and continues to be made more entrenched.

We have adopted what we call the Psycho-CO Approach, combining the depth of psychological principles and breadth of community organizing. The psychological component has provided the heart and soul of the approach giving the members a solid core to anchor themselves on and bond themselves with one another. The community organizing (CO) component has allowed them to participate in a systematic way to build their organization by enhancing their capabilities and resources to resolve their immediate and long-term needs and concerns and in the process, has provided the expanse and synergy of alliances of institutions in their community. The fathers are now involved in strategies that will help them achieve their own aspiration to help other fathers who are similarly situated.

While MLAC is primarily responsible for working out the psychosocial dimension of the program, CIAC is the institution primarily responsible for the community organizing component. Together, these two institutions have worked very closely to implement in a systematic, holistic and integrated manner an approach to the now so-called Psycho-CO Method which yielded results that prove the relevance of psychologists not only at the immediate personal and family life of the fathers but at the community level after seeing the transformation of left-behind fathers from father-helpee to father-enabler phenomenology. The outcomes of the program have demonstrated the need to make the practice of psychology more inclusive, practical and responsive to the needs of the individual as a TOTAL PERSON which means actively establishing collaborative efforts and maintaining strategic partnerships with existing concerned institutions with similar mandate should psychologists really commit to becoming socially relevant.



Mindful Mentoring talk by MLAC in UP Diliman (May 7, 2015)

Last May 7, 2015 Dr. Honey Carandang was invited to give a talk on “Mindful Mentoring” at the Lagmay Hall (formerly PHAN) in U.P. Diliman. This talk was part of a tribute to Dr. Alfredo Lagmay, who was a mentor of Dr. Honey.

In her talk, she said that, “Productive mentors embolden us to grow up, to leave home, and make our splendid mark in eternity.”

The talk was hosted by another respected and well-loved mentor, Dr. Elizabeth Ventura.

Here are some pictures from the event c/o Richie Rosales-Parr.
Thank you Richie!


Dr. Carandang with Dr.Ventura

Dr. Carandang with Dr.Ventura

Dr.Ventura and Dr.Carandang

Dr.Ventura and Dr.Carandang