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MLAC Partnership with Consuelo Foundation

by Hannah Morillo

One of the most fruitful projects that the MLAC Institute has started in 2016 and continued to this year is its partnership with Consuelo Foundation, Inc. True to living to its motto, “Giving hope”, Consuelo Foundation with MLAC, was able to provide psychological intervention to at-risk youth and survivors of trauma and abuse, to its partner organizations, Messy Bessy (House Foundation) and Purple Centers Foundation.

The MLAC Team (Uzi Araneta-de Leon, Rory Catipon, Bless de Asis, and Hannah Morillo) led by Dr Honey Carandang, set out to the production house and office of Messy Bessy in Pasong Tamo, Makati, and to the school of the children in Purple Centers Foundation, Tondo, Manila to provide individual therapy sessions, group and family therapy, and group mindfulness-based expressive arts and play therapy. Being able to reach out especially to people where psychological intervention is not readily available is one of the most gratifying ways MLAC offer psychosocial support. We look forward to continuing partnerships such as this, and to extend our services to those who need them most.


Tita Honey during one of our group mindfulness-based expressive arts therapy sessions. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


Traversing Tondo: on our way to Purple Centers Foundation. (Photo by Rory Catipon)


Looking out from Purple Centers Foundation in Tondo, Manila. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


The final session of the girls from Messy Bessy was a culmination through their music therapy, among others. It was a “treat” to witness a live and intimate performance from the artist (Dr. Chris Carandang) whose original compositions have touched their hearts throughout their therapy sessions. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


A visit to the MLAC Institute clinic: The children of Purple Centers engage in free play and a jovial exchange of stories and experiences. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


One way of sifting through one’s experiences is through art. (Photo by Uzi Araneta-de Leon)


Music as an Expressive Arts Therapy: A Way to Foster Resilience Among the Youth

December 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Music as an Expressive Arts Therapy: A Way to Foster Resilience Among the Youth

By Tess Aguilar, RP, CSCLP
“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

– Victor Hugo

Last November 26, 2015, MLAC team member Dr. Christopher Carandang welcomed the invitation of the College Guidance Center of Saint Pedro Poveda College and spoke to tertiary students on the value of music as an expressive art. The event was formally welcomed by the College Dean, Dr. Salvacion Villavicencio who also formally thanked Dr. Carandang as he accomplished his talk. Peer Facilitators facilitated the event.

Dr. Carandang expressed that Music is universal as it is in every part of our lives. It captures what words cannot fully express. It gives life to feelings that are difficult to name. If joy, sadness and pain can have a voice they can be found in our favorite song, a song we dislike, words we compose, or in poems we write. As a therapeutic art, one can find much validation in his/ her music. He also shared insights from his clinical practice. The accounts were deeply moving. He shared that music can leave a genuine feeling of emancipation for juveniles who had to spend time in incarceration. Dr. Carandang finished his talk with a beautiful rendition of his own composition,”Manahimik Managinip” through which the audience was left in awe and appreciation.

As a response,the event was finally capped by songs carefully selected by a group of talented college students who sang for him. Truly, “music filled the room”.


In photos: Dr. Carandang with Dr. Salvacion Villavicencio, College Dean, Ms. Tess Aguilar, College counselor and MLAC Psychologist, Tertiary Students of Saint Pedro Poveda College


Invitation for the talk as illustrated by Kat Guinares, Peer Facilitator from Saint Pedro Poveda College