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MLAC Partnership with Consuelo Foundation

by Hannah Morillo

One of the most fruitful projects that the MLAC Institute has started in 2016 and continued to this year is its partnership with Consuelo Foundation, Inc. True to living to its motto, “Giving hope”, Consuelo Foundation with MLAC, was able to provide psychological intervention to at-risk youth and survivors of trauma and abuse, to its partner organizations, Messy Bessy (House Foundation) and Purple Centers Foundation.

The MLAC Team (Uzi Araneta-de Leon, Rory Catipon, Bless de Asis, and Hannah Morillo) led by Dr Honey Carandang, set out to the production house and office of Messy Bessy in Pasong Tamo, Makati, and to the school of the children in Purple Centers Foundation, Tondo, Manila to provide individual therapy sessions, group and family therapy, and group mindfulness-based expressive arts and play therapy. Being able to reach out especially to people where psychological intervention is not readily available is one of the most gratifying ways MLAC offer psychosocial support. We look forward to continuing partnerships such as this, and to extend our services to those who need them most.


Tita Honey during one of our group mindfulness-based expressive arts therapy sessions. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


Traversing Tondo: on our way to Purple Centers Foundation. (Photo by Rory Catipon)


Looking out from Purple Centers Foundation in Tondo, Manila. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


The final session of the girls from Messy Bessy was a culmination through their music therapy, among others. It was a “treat” to witness a live and intimate performance from the artist (Dr. Chris Carandang) whose original compositions have touched their hearts throughout their therapy sessions. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


A visit to the MLAC Institute clinic: The children of Purple Centers engage in free play and a jovial exchange of stories and experiences. (Photo by Hannah Morillo)


One way of sifting through one’s experiences is through art. (Photo by Uzi Araneta-de Leon)


Highlights from Parenting Academy 3: The Power of Compassionate Discipline 

We’d like to thank you again for supporting Parenting Academy 3: The Power of Compassionate Discipline! 

Based on comments and suggestions from Parenting Academy 1 & 2, Dr. Honey Carandang and the MLAC team changed the format of the event this year by making the afternoon session an experiential workshop, where participants were able to share and discuss their thoughts and insights on the morning talk by Dr. Carandang with fellow participants. To give each participant the time and space to talk and be listened to, the small group sharing was limited to 6-10 participants per group only. 

Since words may not always be enough to express what they were feeling, the participants were also given a chance to express themselves through the arts – using paper, colored pens, clay, and other art materials. 

Another change in format was that the open forum was led and facilitated by Dr. Honey’s son, former broadcast journalist and communications secretary Ricky Carandang, and acclaimed broadcast journalist Ces Drilon. Ricky and Ces’ questions allowed for an even deeper discussion about Compassionate Discipline not only in the family but also in the country.

Thank you very much for your very positive response to these changes in our format. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Below are some more pictures from the event:


Dr. Honey Carandang gives a talk on The Power of Compassionate Discipline in the morning


The open forum was led and facilitated by Ricky Carandang and Ces Drilon


The afternoon workshop included a lot of experiential activities


The participants were able to express themselves through the arts during the afternoon workshop


Examples of artworks by the participants


Examples of artworks by the participants


Examples of artworks by the participants


Dr. Honey Carandang with the participants from the Nanay-Teacher team


The MLAC team and MLAC volunteers (mostly Psych students from Miriam College) pose for a group picture after a job well done!


Dr.Honey and the MLAC team give a 2-day workshop for Health Service Providers of Pasig

August 28, 2016 Leave a comment

Last Aug.25-26, 2016, Dr. Honey Carandang and members of the MLAC team conducted a two-day workshop for the health service providers of Pasig. This event was organized by The City Government of Pasig through The Pasig Health Department and the Gender and Development Office.
Dr. Honey and the MLAC team emphasized the importance of being mindful and knowing how to take care of one’s self to prevent burnout especially since the participants regularly handle cases of abuse, substance abuse, and teenage pregnancy. Frameworks on the 7 Basic Psychological Needs and Trauma and Recovery were given, as well as an introduction to Basic Listening and Counseling Skills and the Use of Expressive Arts.
The MLAC team would like to thank Ms.Gigie Barnedo of GAD for inviting us and coordinating with us. Most of all, thank you to the participants who were very open and eager to share themselves with us! 

*the participants are the first batch to go through the workshop, there will be a 2nd batch soon!

Here are some pictures from the event:


Dr. Honey Carandang talks about the 7 Basic Psychological Needs and Mindfulness


The MLAC team pose with Ms.Gigie Barnedo and the organizers


The MLAC team with the participants of the workshop


The participants PLAY with their CLAY


The participants PLAY with their CLAY



Here are just some of the results of the participants PLAY with their CLAY


Here are just some of the results of the participants PLAY with their CLAY


Here are just some of the results of the participants PLAY with their CLAY


The Use of Mindfulness in Expressive Therapies (PAPJA 2016 convention)

The Use of Mindfulness in Expressive Therapies 

By: Riza Go Tian Ng, RP CSCLP and Tess Aguilar, RP CSCLP

MLAC participated in the 29th Psychological Association of the Philippines –Junior Affiliates (PAPJA) Convention of 2016 with the theme: Asian Psychology and Asian Societies in the Midst of Change at FEU-Manila last January 23, 2016.

MLAC members, Tess Aguilar and Riza Ng shared one of the advocacies of the institute through their talk on Mindfulness and the Expressive Therapies.

The young college students proved that age is not an issue in practicing mindfulness as their participation in this 3 hour workshop helped them feel at peace, inspired, and refreshed. Being mindful also allowed them to have clarity of thought to cope with stresses from thesis and internship, and most importantly valuing themselves.

The mindful practice led to the discovery of deep personal insights which is the hallmark of Dr. Honey Carandang’s principle that the PERSONHOOD of the therapist is a vital tool in sound therapeutic intervention.