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Written by our President and Founder, Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” Carandang, and assisted by her capable team; these books are based on actual experience, research and intervention that we have done on Filipino children and their families.

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390.00 Php

Making Connections: A Group Therapy Program for Autistic Children and Their Families (Ateneo University Press, 1992) Assisted by Liwag, E.C.


250.00 Php

Pakikipagkapwa-damdamin: Accompanying Survivors of Disasters, 20th Anniversary Edition (Central Publishing House, 2016; Original Print: Bookmark, 1986) Assisted by Nisperos, M.K.B.


100.00 Php

The Path to Healing: A Primer on Family Violence (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2004) Co-Author: Sison, B.A.L.


50.00 Php

Nawala ang Ilaw ng Tahanan: Case Studies of Families Left Behind by OFW Mothers (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2007) Co-Authors: Sison, B.A.L., Carandang, C.F.A.


350.00 Php

The Filipino Family Surviving the World (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2008) Co-Author: Chua, Q.L.


390.00 Php

The Magic of Play: Children Heal Through Play Therapy (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2009)


250.00 Php

Back to Basics: The Seven Basic Psychological Needs (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2014) Co-Author: Aguilar, M.T.F. & de Guzman-de Asis, M.B


120.00 Php

PRESENCE: A Primer on Trauma and Recovery for the Use of Trauma Worker


200.00 Php

Pockets of Wisdom from the Parenting Academy (Central Publishing House, 2015)


390.00 Php


Filipino Children Under Stress: Family Dynamics and Therapy (Ateneo University Press, 1987)


Currently out-of stock:

  1. The Essence of Wellness: Essays in Counseling and Clinical Psychology (Ateneo University Press, 1992) Co-editor: Ortigas, C.D. (UNICEF, 1996)
  2. Listen to Their Inner Voice: Streetchildren Speak Through Their Drawings and Metaphors (UNICEF, 1996)
  3. Ibalik Ang Saya Sa Pamilya: The DSWD Handbook on How to Stop and Prevent Family Violence (Department of Social Welfare and Development, 2001) Co-Authors: Sison, B.A.L., Dey, M.L.T.
  4. Self-Worth and the Filipino Child (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2004)


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