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Written by our President and Founder, Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” Carandang, PhD. and assisted by her capable team; these books are based on actual experience, research and interventions that we have done on Filipino children and their families.

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Making Connections: A Group Therapy Program for Autistic Children and Their Families (Ateneo University Press, 1992) Assisted by Liwag, E.C

Making Connections documents and examines in detail the group therapy program for autistic children and their families that the author has undertaken with a group of young therapists. Most of the material in the book comes from the actual dialogues amotg the therapists, as they share their insights about the children, the therapy process, and about themselves as therapists.

The book addresses the concerns of families who have autistic children and those of teachers and other professionals to whom the children are entrusted. Making Connections provides helpful insights as well to those interested in the Filipino family, in education and in counselling and therapy.

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Pakikipagkapwa-damdamin: Accompanying Survivors of Disasters, 20th Anniversary Edition (Central Publishing House, 2016; Original Print: Bookmark, 1986) Assisted by Nisperos, M.K.B.

Pakikipagkapwa-Damdamin is a handy book that describes the multi-level psychosocial interventions of an Ateneo team of psychologists with survivors of the 1990 killer quake and other natural disasters – as they learned from the inner world of survivors themselves. Written in a descriptive, narrative and personal rather than a prescriptive tone, the book is different from other books on psychosocial rehabilitation in that it uses the psychological approach to examine the phenomenological world of survivors, the unique experience of children of disasters, and the phenomenology of the disaster helper. In all these journeys, the team constantly conveys on message: that all persons have inner resources that can be resurfaced, affirmed and reactivated in times of crises, and that this can be done throug a helping process that respects their dignity even in the worst circumstances.

Pakikipagkapwa-Damdamin is a descriptive “helping manual” for those who work with disaster survivors – fellow psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, volunteers, and even for the survivors themselves.

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The Path to Healing: A Primer on Family Violence (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2004) Co-Author: Sison, B.A.L.

Do we really know family violence?

Today, we are faced with the sad fact that families, which are supposed to nurture and protect children, have instead become the source of violence. In fact, family violence is now a national concern. This primer aims to empower family members by providing them an in-depth understanding of child abuse and the dynamics of family violence. It also provides family members with alternative and non-violent ways of interacting with one another and resolving conflicts.

100.00 Php

Nawala ang Ilaw ng Tahanan: Case Studies of Families Left Behind by OFW Mothers (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2007) Co-Authors: Sison, B.A.L., Carandang, C.F.A.

How do Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) -who send us billions of dollars and keep us afloat – cope with deperating from their loved ones? They are our modern heroes, but do we know what needs and frustrations are, how they view themselves, how they make sense of their situation, their vulnerabilities and their resilience? They are a central leg of our economy, but what kind of assistance do they get in return? Are they even getting what they need?

In this little book, we take an intimate look at ten families left behind by women OFW”s to understand their situation more clearly and to help them find ways to cope without a mother, “Ang Ilaw ng Tahanan.”


From the Foreword by Patricia B. Licuanan, PhD:

Nawala ang Ilaw ng Tahanan tells the stories of families left behind by OFW mothers. The stories of the ten families in the study of clinical psychologist Honey Carandang and her team are the stories of hundrens of thousands of Filipino families today – stories of fathers, young children, adolescents – facing daily life and the future without the usual source of strength and stability at home – The Mother. This book tells us what happens when mothers leave for work abroad… Happily, the book also offers recommendations on what can be done to support those families. ”

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The Filipino Family Surviving the World (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2008) Co-Author: Chua, Q.L.


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The Magic of Play: Children Heal Through Play Therapy (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2009)

What is play? How important is play in the development of a child? And what is Play Therapy? How does it work? Do children need this kind of therapy?

These and other questions are answered in this groundbreaking book by one of the foremost experts in Child Psychology in the Philippines, Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” Carandang. Together with seasoned Play Therapists, Dr. Carandang shares her experiences and findings from her exhaustive research and intensive training session – spanning almost three decades – on the wonders and actual benefits of playing with children.

The Magic of Play: Children Heal Through Play Therapy features case studies of real children in Play Therapy programs and enlightening reflections by therapists.

300.00 Php

Back to Basics: The Seven Basic Psychological Needs (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2014) Co-Author: Aguilar, M.T.F. & de Guzman-de Asis, M.B

In my efforts to practice mindfulness, as a scientist-practitioner, I asked a basic question: Why do people do what they do? Aside from reflecting on my own personal experience, I also sifted through the complex psychological theories and researches and decided to go back to basics; hence, this simple book on “The Seven Basic Psychological Needs.” I hope it helps you gain a clearer understanding of your own needs and those of the people around you. With understanding comes compassion.

Ma. Lourdes “Honey” A. Carandang, PhD

200.00 Php

PRESENCE: A Primer on Trauma and Recovery for the Use of Trauma Worker

Thos primer is a practical guide for those who help survivors of trauma. It discusses activities and exercises that are found to be effective in the many years that Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” A. Carandang and her team have worked with children and families who have experienced the debilitating effects of trauma. It also gives the framework on trauma and healing that helps both the survivor and the helper to have a compassionate understanding. Most importantly, it is anchored on Dr Carandang and her team’s innovative approach and deep belief in the inner resilience of every human being even in the most difficult times.

Beyond the concrete suggestions and tips, this book highlights how the most important thing that you can offer those who have survived trauma is your true and mindful PRESENCE as you deeply listen to your stories. As Dr. Carandang quotes from Lipsky in her introduction, “Being present is a radical act. It allows us to soften the impact of trauma, interrupt the forces of oppression, and set the stage for healing and transformation.”


200.00 Php

Pockets of Wisdom from the Parenting Academy (Central Publishing House, 2015)

How do I discipline my child?

How do I get my adolescent son to listen to me?

How do I get my child to spend less time on the computer?

How do I deal with a child with special needs?

How do I teach my child the value of saving money?

How important is play to my child?

How do I become a mindful parent?

Are these some of your questions about parenting?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in the first ever… Parenting Academy


400.00 Php


Filipino Children Under Stress: Family Dynamics and Therapy (Ateneo University Press, 1987)


Currently out-of stock:

  1. The Essence of Wellness: Essays in Counseling and Clinical Psychology (Ateneo University Press, 1992) Co-editor: Ortigas, C.D. (UNICEF, 1996)
  2. Listen to Their Inner Voice: Streetchildren Speak Through Their Drawings and Metaphors (UNICEF, 1996)
  3. Ibalik Ang Saya Sa Pamilya: The DSWD Handbook on How to Stop and Prevent Family Violence (Department of Social Welfare and Development, 2001) Co-Authors: Sison, B.A.L., Dey, M.L.T.
  4. Self-Worth and the Filipino Child (Anvil Publishing Incorporated, 2004)


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