MLAC stands for our founder’s initials Ma.Lourdes A.Carandang, but it also means:





After three decades of clinical practice, teaching and research as a clinical psychologist; and after mentoring generations of psychology students, I felt the need to form the MLAC Institute for Children and Families (now formally called the MLAC Institute for Psychosocial Services, Inc.) with my team of psychologists in 2010.
The Institute is founded on our solid belief in the innate truthfulness and honesty and wisdom of children.  We strongly advocate for truth-telling.

The main goal of the foundation is to apply the scientific principles of psychology for the well-being of Filipino children and families, especially the poor, the disadvantaged and the traumatized.

I hope you will join us in continuing to accomplish this mission.

Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” A. Carandang
National Social Scientist (1995)


  • Maria Teresa F. Aguilar, MA, CSCLP, RPsy
  • Criselda Y. Almario, MS Cand
  • Christopher Franz A. Carandang, PhD, RPsy
  • Olivia P. Carandang, PhD, RPsy
  • Marie Tessibeth T. Cordova, PhD Cand, RPsy, RPm
  • Ma. Blesila de Guzman-de Asis, MA, CSCLP, RPsy
  • Anna L. Lopez
  • Rizason Go Tian-Ng, MA, CSCLP, RPsy
  • Maria Belinda Morales, MA, CSCLP, RPsy
  • Hannah Misha M. Morillo, MA
  • Rachel Ann Rosales Parr, PhD Cand, CSDP
  • Fiona Sandoval, MA, RPsy
  • Joyce Ann O. Serrato, RPm

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MLAC Institute for Psychosocial Services, Inc. Address: 2 Kaunlaran st., Kawilihan Village, Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
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Mobile number: 0917-5019583
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Watch a video about the MLAC Institute here: http://youtu.be/__4VesUplJI

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