Mindful Loving: Nourishing our Relationships through Mindfulness – an MLAC Workshop

By Nigel Garcia


We think about 12,000-60,000 thoughts a day. Interestingly enough, about 95% of these thoughts are the same repetitive ones we had the day before. If you, then, deduce that we operate most of our waking hours on autopilot, you will be correct.

This autopilot feature helped us survive in the wild throughout the course of our evolutionary history. It helped us process the chaos of the world in a much more comprehensible way. But today, this animistic survival feature has come to limit our freedom to choose how we react to environmental stimuli, unfortunately, making us slaves to our primordial programming.

With the ever increasing stress of the 21st century, each day presents the chance to mindlessly react to life events without the presence of mind to strategize, or even to enjoy them. Consequently, our happiness, our relationships, and our sense of meaning suffers from it. This is why Dr. Honey Carandang and the MLAC team have made it one of their core missions to spread the philosophy of mindfulness – to encourage the enriching lifestyle of living fully in each present moment. So much so MLAC stands for MINDFULNESS, Love, and Compassion.

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The MLAC team led by Dr. Honey and Dr. Joanna Herrera conducted a Mindfulness Workshop entitled Mindful Loving: Nourishing our Relationships through Mindfulness on January 18, 2020. A diverse group of 60 people were in attendance: ranging from students, doctors, business people, church workers and even a museum curator.








It is not uncommon that a complete devotion to ones work will take time and attention away from one’s relationships. And after all, the 75 year-long research study from Harvard shows that meaningful relationships, not career success, nor money, nor fame is what gives people fulfilment in their lives. There is reason to say this ambitious group was the perfect audience for such a topic.


A big thank you to our volunteers Cheyenne Garcia and Lance Altura for the pictures.

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