MLAC presents at the annual Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) convention in Davao

MLAC team members Dr. Richie Rosales Parr, Tess Aguilar, and Dr. Chris Carandang, along with their mentor Dr. Honey Carandang presented a learning session entitled Understanding the Adolescent’s Journey Through Depression and Anxiety at the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) convention in Davao last September 18-20, 2019.

Dr.Richie started the learning session by explaining the myths and misconceptions that surround depression and anxiety. She also emphasized the importance of context and culture and the role of the whole community in understanding and helping those who are struggling with these mental health issues.

Ms.Tess Aguilar shared a very moving and in-depth story of her adolescent client’s struggle through grief and depression.

While Dr. Chris Carandang shared how important and challenging it is to bridge the gap between adolescent clients and their parents.

All three shared personal reflections and insights about their role as psychologists and Dr. Honey Carandang summarized the whole session and further highlighted the need to practice mindfulness and being able to self-observe.

The learning session was very well attended and although there was a limited amount of time to ask questions, the audience asked very relevant and engaging questions.

In true MLAC fashion, Dr.Honey and the three team members made sure to reserve time for self-care by enjoying the sights and food of Davao.

* photos c/o Chris Carandang and Richie Rosales Parr

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