Dear Parents

3rd quote

       The world is first seen by children through their parents’ eyes. Morality and inequity, virtues and vices; the differences among these do not really matter to a child. The real world do not matter yet, for in their young lives, their world are their families. Their parents are their lifeline, providing not just food and security but also the foundations for what they’ll believe and hold unto as they eventually go out to the big world. However, learnings from parents do not only come from verbal reminders and advices. Often, the greatest source of knowledge especially on how to act lies more on the perceived behaviour of others. For children, what they see that are being done by their parents, determines their concept of what is right from what is wrong.

       Sometimes, we as adults, although we  do not mean to, say and do things which are not nice. It is understandable for us to be mad, to express our negative emotions as well as voice out our opinions. However, we must try our best to be mindful that we are not being the examples of the very things that we do not want our children to be when they grow up. It takes courage and humility for us to accept that we ourselves are capable of being their sources of inappropriate behaviour and ideologies. Mindful parenting especially in relation to the concept of bullying do not only covers what we tell our children but also on being aware of our misguided actions and doing what we can to correct them.

       In line with this, we would like to share a video by ShakeState’s PSA of children requesting for dear parents to teach them about tolerance. After all, one of the reasons why people bully each other is the lack of capacity (perhaps even the lack of willingness) to tolerate each other’s differences.

       Let us all work together to raise awareness on mindful parenting.



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