Bullying Within The Home


1_bullying within the home_intro

        What happens, when the very place we’re supposed to feel most secure and welcome no longer feel safe? When the people we trust and depend on for strength are the ones who belittle our abilities and make us question our worth?

          In preparation for the 4th Parenting Academy: Mindful Parenting in The Age of Bullying, the MLAC Institute presents Bullying Within the Home. A series of posts, which aim to tackle and introduce various situations of bullying that occur within the confines of our homes, such as parent-child/child-parent bullying, sibling-sibling bullying, yaya-child/child-yaya bullying, and grandparent-grandchild/grandchild-grandparent bullying.

          Just like a ship, our family is the vessel which carry us through our life’s journey. It is our sanctuary, our constant home amidst the ever-changing tides. However, as we go through various storms, it is up to us to ensure that our ship will always be in its optimum condition. We are not just the passengers, we are also the crew who run and maintain the ship. It is through our constant communication, our cumulative efforts and genuine concern for each other’s welfare that ensure that our family stays strong. To mend relationships and to provide strength for a member who needs it. For as long as the members of a family work together, no amount of trials and challenges could break through our ship’s walls.

          It may not be a beautiful process but exploring these situations of Bullying Within the Home are necessary for us to endure this Age of Bullying. As we continue to sail through this life, may we have the mindfulness and strength to acknowledge the weaknesses in our ships’ structure. For acceptance only comes with awareness, and only by accepting our family’s weaknesses can we truly mend.

          Hope you can join us as we explore these situations these coming days.



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