“Are you raising a future terrorist in your home?”: Dr. Honey’s Interview on the effect of exposure to abusive behavior on a child


“When you are young, you do not have the critical thinking to discern whether your parents are right or wrong. If the mother is neglectful, you will not see your mother as unloving. Rather, you see yourself as unlovable…If a parent sends the message that you are unlovable, you carry that with you for a long time,”

– Dr. Honey Carandang


          With the seemingly growing prevalence of violence in our lives today, protecting our children from exposure to situations of abuse is no easy task. From videogames to social media, even the familial interactions that they witness, children are constantly being exposed to its various forms.

            Dr. Honey, in her quest to promote mindful parenting, shares with the Philippine Daily Inquirer the importance of a parent’s awareness of his/her behavior while also actively monitoring his/her child’s activities; and on how the quality of life at home plays a key part in the latter’s development.

For the whole interview, please click the link below:



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