Registration is ongoing for Parenting Academy 3

Registration is ongoing! Reserve a slot now and get an early bird discounted price! 🙂


Parenting Academy is an annual event brought to you by MLAC Institute for Psychosocial Services, Inc. It is a venue where everyone, NOT ONLY parents, can discuss important issues in parenting.

On its 3rd year, the conference focuses on the theme: THE POWER OF COMPASSIONATE DISCIPLINE. Dr. Carandang and her team of highly trained psychologists will impart their knowledge on how to effectively discipline with DIGNITY and to apply GENDER RESPONSIVE PARENTING (GAD).

Dr. Carandang will give a talk in the morning and in the afternoon, a workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to:

share personal insights

apply principles of compassionate discipline, and

learn practices for self-care, self-compassion, and stress management

FEES FOR THE TALK: Regular = 1,500 Early bird & PAP members = 1,000 Students = 700

Add 1,000 pesos to attend the afternoon workshop. Fees are inclusive of snacks.

*early bird registration is up to Feb.6 only Online registration is up to Feb.25

To register, TEXT 0915-009-7652 or EMAIL to check slot availability. You may also fill up the registration form at Once confirmed, you may deposit your payment to METROBANK

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