The Use of Mindfulness in Expressive Therapies (PAPJA 2016 convention)

The Use of Mindfulness in Expressive Therapies 

By: Riza Go Tian Ng, RP CSCLP and Tess Aguilar, RP CSCLP

MLAC participated in the 29th Psychological Association of the Philippines –Junior Affiliates (PAPJA) Convention of 2016 with the theme: Asian Psychology and Asian Societies in the Midst of Change at FEU-Manila last January 23, 2016.

MLAC members, Tess Aguilar and Riza Ng shared one of the advocacies of the institute through their talk on Mindfulness and the Expressive Therapies.

The young college students proved that age is not an issue in practicing mindfulness as their participation in this 3 hour workshop helped them feel at peace, inspired, and refreshed. Being mindful also allowed them to have clarity of thought to cope with stresses from thesis and internship, and most importantly valuing themselves.

The mindful practice led to the discovery of deep personal insights which is the hallmark of Dr. Honey Carandang’s principle that the PERSONHOOD of the therapist is a vital tool in sound therapeutic intervention.



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