Building a Culture of Integrity talks for EDC continue in Dumaguete and Bacolod

Building a Culture of Integrity talks for EDC continue in Dumaguete and Bacolod

by: Bless de Asis

In the continuing series of talks done by Dr. Lourdes “Honey” Carandang on “Building A Culture of Integrity” for EDC (Energy Development Corporation), another run was done in Dumaguete (June 26-27) and in Bacolod (July 2-3) respectively.

In both venues, employees of EDC eagerly awaited what Dr. Carandang was going to share, craving for some “wise words” from the foremost Clinical Psychologist in the country.  Still enthusiastic from her series of talks on parenting a year before, this time the talks were held in the plant sites nestled in the wooded mountains of Dumaguete and Bacolod.  It was a respite from the employees’ busy work schedules, but it also afforded Dr. Carandang and I to appreciate the beauty of nature and at the same time witness the close-knit EDC community.  This was apparent too after the talk of Dr. Carandang in that they were very willing and open in sharing their personal concerns to a larger group.  During the open forum, some of the questions on the talk on integrity were thought-provoking prompting some key personnel to offer possible solutions to their concerns.

ImageImageDr. Carandang and Bless de Asis with the EDC family

It was interesting to take note that quite a good number of the questions were about parenting their children, dealing with their spouses and children of different ages.  Such concerns show that the family still is the most important unit in helping mold values and beliefs that are brought to the fore as one deals with different areas of one’s life.

Overall, it was a gratifying and enlightening experience to the personnel of EDC. As for us guests, we were accorded the generous reception of our hosts, enjoying the beauty of both nature and warm hospitality of the people of Dumaguete and Bacolod.

Dr.Carandang and Bless de Asis take the time to enjoy the beautiful sights of Bacolod.

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