MLAC Institute at the Ako Para Sa Bata December 2012 Conference

Ako Para Sa Bata

The Manila Conference

December 5-7, 2012

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

Last December 5 to 7, 2012, the MLAC Institute participated in the annual Ako Para Sa Bata Conference held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Here is a brief summary of events that the MLAC Institute was involved in:

Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” A. Carandang was the plenary speaker during the second day of the conference where she gave a talk on, Understanding the Child’s “Bad” Behavior. She highlighted the importance of the role of the family and the environment of the child in understanding and dealing with children who exhibit “bad” behavior.

chidren under stress


The other talks and a workshop that the MLAC Institute were involved in are:

Title:  Appropriate Psychological Interventions in Handling Children with Self-Destructive Behavior

Speaker: Beatrix Aileen L. Sison, MA, CCLP


Aileen shared the importance of understanding the misbehavior of children and adolescents through the use of psychological interventions and of expressive therapies such as arts and play.  She talked about how children and adolescents’ extreme forms of behavior are manifested in and out of the classroom and to see these behaviors in the context of their world.  She discussed concrete and immediate responses as part of the measures in helping these children.

Title: Children’s Art and the Mindful Parent

Speaker: Maria Teresa F. Aguilar, MA, CCLP


            Tess discussed how mindfulness in parenting puts into context the connection with children: that a mindful parent who knows how to take time to nurture oneself enables her/him to do the task of parenting. It also explored the use of children’s art as “play” for both the child and parent. It discussed how art is used as a form of expressive therapy which can be used to understand and validate the child.

Title:  The Significance of Play in the Development of a Person

Speaker: Rachelle Ann R. Parr, MA, CCDP


Richie discussed a holistic perspective of the need for children to play.  She talked on the biological, evolutionary, social, emotional, and physical need of children for expressive therapies.  She shared some of the existing literature on the evolutionary basis of play.  Play is important for children’s well-being.

Workshop Title:  Workshop on The Use of Music and Arts as Expressive Therapy

Facilitators: Marisa V. Marin, MA, CCLP; Bless de Asis, MA, CCLP, Christopher A. Carandang

Marisa, Bless and Chris shared their insights on how music and the arts can be used to express feelings and facilitate healing. This was done by letting the participants  experience two expressive arts activities that allowed them to first, tune in to the feelings they have when they handle difficult cases and secondly, for them to put themselves in the shoes of a child that they are having difficulty with at the moment. The sharing from the participants highlighted the importance not only of using the arts to be more understanding and compassionate to the children they handle, but also in taking care of themselves in order to better help others.


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