Nurturing Teachers


By: Bless de Asis

In a seminar entitled Nurturing Teachers as Readers and Writers, held at the Science Education Complex, Ateneo de Manila University last May 30 to June 1, 2012, Dr. Ma. Lourdes A. Carandang, PhD, gave a talk to public school teachers invited from all over the country. Her talk, Child Psychology- Getting to Know the Filipino Child came at an opportune time as teachers prepare for the school opening. After preparing their classrooms with colorful bulletin boards, creating schedules and budget plans, Dr. Carandang’s talk gave the educators’ a glimpse of how they can balance their preparations to include focus on their students’ total development and not just the intellectual aspect of the child.

She highlighted 4 main points which are: 1) Knowing the total child; 2) knowing the developmental needs of the child; 3) discipline with dignity; and 4) wisdom and truth-telling of children.

The teachers, most of whom came from outside Manila welcomed the opportunity to listen to the gems she shared with them. They were grateful that they were given techniques on how to make the children feel good about themselves. Dr. Carandang reiterated that teachers should also learn how to value and take care of themselves so that they could in turn nurture the children under their care.

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