Dr. Honey Carandang Files Counter Affidavit

I am here to file my counter affidavit because I was sued for libel and child abuse.

I was asked my professional opinion and I gave it.

As a Clinical Child Psychologist, and National Social Scientist, it is my duty to give my opinion on these matters, and I stand by my opinion.

These people from different child–rights groups and concerned citizens are here because they believe in me and my crusade against child abuse

While I know deep inside that I do not have to dignify these malicious and baseless charges with a response, I understand that the legal process requires me to state for the record that I did not commit any child abuse.

It is the height of irony that this unfounded and malicious charge of child abuse was filed against me after I have dedicated my entire professional career and a good part of my life to the protection of the child and the promotion of their rights and welfare.

It pains me to suffer the indignity of standing accused for simply doing what is right; for simply trying to uplift our people’s understanding of how children should be properly treated and for standing up for the rights and dignity of a child.

– Ma. Lourdes A. Carandang Ph.D.

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