Statement of the INA Foundation

Statement of the Inang Naulila sa Anak (INA) Foundation,

in defense of Dr. Lourdes Carandang,  April 25, 2011

The Jan-Jan dancing video has divided the viewing public into two warring camps.  There are many who dismiss it as pure entertainment while others see it as a case of child abuse.

We, the members of the Inang Naulila sa Anak (INA) Foundation respect that people from opposing sides are free to speak out and defend their respective stand on the issue.  However, the Jan-Jan story has evolved not only as a heated debate over child abuse, it also put  into question the credibility of Dr. Lourdes Carandang who expressed an independent and informed opinion on the incident.

The INA Foundation supports and commends Dr. Carandang in giving attention to the case of Jan-Jan.  She is a most respected psychologist, and a crusader for the rights of women & children. In the many years that she has volunteered in helping us heal and cope with our pain, we have known her to be most sympathetic and generous with her already limited, precious time.  Her vast experience in the assessment and treatment of abused women and children, especially among the poorest members of society, include horror stories that are too painful to discuss.  Still, she marches on, believing that everyone — rich or poor, deserves a fair chance at getting able, professional help.

It is unfortunate that recent attacks on her have become vicious and personal, for after all, all she did was  express her honest assessment of the incident as a professional. We believe Dr. Carandang’s statements to be  astute and impartial.

It is tragic that some of us have lost our faith in people, however, we stand firm in the thought that there are still people who lend their time and talent for no pecuniary consideration, in pursuit of their advocacies. Dr. Carandang is one such person.

We hope that all of us will be enlightened and will do all that is needed so that fairness and goodness will prevail, not only with Jan-Jan but with all those who stand by the truth and just.  As mothers, our foremost duty is to uphold the best interest and the dignity of a child.  In this light, we pray that the end result of the investigation being conducted by the MTRCB  (Movie and Television Review & Classification Board) will put this painful controversy to rest for the utmost benefit of the viewing public, specially, the children.

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